A metal clothes hanger is a great tool for space saving. People tend to buy and store a lot of clothes for different seasons. In a home closet, a set of metal hangers allows homeowners to hang clothes much closer together.

There are many different types of metal hangers that can keep closets organized. Top of the line metal hangers for home closets are durable and keep their shape. In turn, they can help preserve the shape and form of clothes. These hangers can come in polished chrome or aluminum. Some varieties have longer necks where people can hang another hanger, allowing them to organize their closet by outfit instead of just lining up their clothes on the bar. Using the hangers this way can save as much as 50% space in the closet.

There are varieties with special features such as cushioned insert clips meant to hold pants and long skirts so that they can hang without having to be draped and possibly forming creases. There are also metal hangers with notches for tank tops to hang. Notched hangers are great choices as some tank tops are lightweight, easily stretch and lose their shape when hung on ordinary hangers.

Other types include the open-ended variety, meant for pants or skirts. These varieties allow pants and skirts to be hung or removed without having to remove the hangers themselves from the closet. Special features like velvet- or linen-covered dowel bars keep pants and skirts in place.

The metal clothes hanger has come a long way from the wire hangers of old that used to snag fabric and get bent out of shape so easily. The sleek, polished finish, sculpted design and durable materials of today’s modern metal hangers make them an elegant, space-saving accessory.